TROUG Presentation: Advanced WebLogic Monitoring: Custom WebLogic JMX Development and DevOps Automation

In this blog post, I am going to share my TROUG presentation at “TROUGDays 2016” event.

It was a great session. I lectured and spoke about “Advanced WebLogic Monitoring: JMX MBean Development & WLSDM Automation”.

Attendees were experienced WebLogic administrators and the session switched to interactive workshop. I did live DEMOS on my local Laptop/PC. Demos were about; “Monitoring WebLogic Domain Resources”, “Live Load Test by Using JSL(Java Server Loader) by Admineer”, “Monitoring WebLogic Thread Pool for Hoggers/Stucks”, “Custom JMX Development and WLSDM Automation”.

Attendees and my colleagues were really impressed about DEMO results. At the end of presentation we decided to make another independent technical and educational Work Shop about my presentation. Because, we all agreed that 45 minutes is short for this topic, because I am doing this session like educational and answering all kind of WebLogic monitoring issues.

Thank you to all attendees and my internet followers.

I am sharing my presentation document below and also posted to Slide Share portal.

Please contact to me for onsite/online WorkShop requests about WebLogic monitoring and learning. The workshop is not traditional and covers deep level technical knowledge. By using below tools and technologies; the remaining is just to see the magic.

Contact: | fevzi.korkutata{at}

Collage Photo for my session 🙂

TROUG Days: Fevzi Korkutata
TROUG Days: Fevzi Korkutata


SlideShare: Presentation Document about “Advanced WebLogic Monitoring: JMX Development and Automation with WLSDM”

[slideshare id=61518091&doc=trougpresentationfevzikorkutata28-160429212800]


Youtube: Presentation Video



Presentation Slides (Image Format):


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