WebLogic Interview and Certification Questions – II (Advanced)

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1) Name three capabilities of Smart Update.

a. Update a domain’s configuration.
b. Download a maintenance pack.
c. Apply a product patch.
d. Add a patch to the server classpath.
e. Create a domain from a template.

2) What file is responsible for including patch JAR files in the  server classpath?

a. nodemanager.properties
b. weblogic_patch.jar
c. maintenance.jar
d. setWLSEnv.sh
e. boot.properties

3) Which of the following is NOT a feature of domain templates?

a. SQL scripts
b. Start menu entries
c. Email notifications
d. Variable replacement

4) Which two types of domain resources are NOT included in an extension template?

a. Data Source
b. Cluster
c. Application
d. JMS Module
e. Server

5) What tool is used to create managed server templates?

a. Template Builder
b. Configuration Wizard
c. ConfigToScript
d. Pack

6) What WLST command is used to apply an extension template to an existing domain?

a. extendDomain
b. addTemplate
c. importToDomain
d. applyAll

7) Which of the following is NOT a use of network channels?

a. Entitle application users
b. Open multiple ports on a single server
c. Dedicate a port to administration traffic
d. Maintain separate settings for multiple network interfaces

8 ) Name three protocols that you can assign to a network channel.

b. T3
d. VNC

9) Which of the following is a data source attribute associated with connection testing?

a. Test Statement
b. Test Capacity
c. Test Table Name
d. Test LLR

10) Name three attributes used to configure a multi data source.

a. Statement Cache Type
b. Logging Last Resource
c. Algorithm Type
d. Failover Request if Busy
e. JNDI Name

11) What data source attribute affects the growth of the connection pool size at run time?

a. Capacity Increment
b. Algorithm Type
c. Cache Size
d. Pinned To Thread

12) Name two values that the Statement Cache Type attribute supports?

a. LRU
b. Shrink
c. Pinned
d. Fixed

13) Name four JMS management operations available in WLS.

a. View the contents of a message
b. Encrypt the contents of a message
c. Add a message to a destination
d. Pause the production of messages of a destination
e. Move a message to another destination

14) Name three types of operations that can be individually paused on a JMS destination.

a. Insertion
b. Consumption
c. Presumption
d. Transaction
e. Production

15) Which of the following is true about JDBC stores?

a. The store does not require a separate data source.
b. Store DDL files must be placed in your domain.
c. Each store must use a dedicated table.
d. JMS connection factories must specify a client ID.

16) Which two values can the Delivery Mode message header be set to?

a. Non-persistent
b. At-most-once
c. Exactly-once
d. Persistent

17) Name the two types of blocking policies for JMS quotas.

a. Preemptive
c. Throttled
d. LRU
e. Acknowledge

18) What WLS JMS feature can be used to guarantee the sequence in which messages are consumed?

a. Imported Destination
b. Quota Blocking Policy
c. Unit of Order
d. Scan Expiration Interval

19) Which of the following is NOT a type of resource associated with JMS store and forward?

a. Remote context Y
b. Imported destinations Y
c. Error handling Y
d. Agent Y
e. Adapter

20) Which of these is an available attribute for a Remote SAF Context resource?

a. Local JNDI Name
b. URL
c. Agent Type
d. Time-to-Live

21) How many JMS bridge adapters ship with WebLogic Server?

a. 0
b. 1
c. 2
d. 3
e. 4

22) Which of these is an available Message Bridge attribute?

a. XA Enabled
b. Connection URL
c. Local JNDI Name
d. Quality of Service

23) Who in a cluster is responsible for initiating an automatic whole server migration?

a. Node Manager
b. Database procedure
c. Cluster Master
d. Migratable target

24) What type of leasing basis does not employ a database?

a. Exactly-once
b. WAN
c. Migratable
d. Consensus

25) Name three types of server resources that can be targeted to a migratable target.

a. Diagnostic module
b. Persistent store
c. Web application
d. SAF agent
e. JMS server

26) Which of the following is NOT taken into account when load balancing JMS clients?

a. Number of consumers
b. Server affinity
c. Migratable target
d. Transaction affinity
e. No persistent store

27) Which types of WebLogic Server session persistence require a database?

a. Memory
b. MAN
c. WAN
d. Cookie

28) Which of these is a required cluster attribute for cross-cluster replication?

a. Remote Cluster Address
b. Migration Basis
c. Client ID
d. Candidate Machines

29) Name four authentication providers supplied with WebLogic Server.

a. LDAP Authenticator
b. Principal Authenticator
c. OpenLDAP Authenticator
d. SQL Authenticator
e. Custom DBMS Authenticator
f. Schema Authenticator

30) Which of the following is NOT an available authentication provider control flag?


31) What two values can the Group Membership Searching authentication provider attribute be set to?

a. Unlimited
b. Restricted
c. Limited
d. Subtree

32) Name three components of the The Grinder tool.

a. Proxy
b. Agent
c. Profiler
d. Chunk
e. Console

33) What term refers to garbage collection algorithms that are based on object age?

a. Heaping
b. Timed
c. Generational
d. Precompiled

34) Which of the following is NOT a type of work manager request class?

a. Context
b. Fair Share
c. Response Time
d. Cluster

35) Name four tools that can be used to monitor WLS.

a. FMW Control
e. NMP

36) What WLST command is necessary to monitor the health or performance of WLS resources?

a. serverConfig()
b. redeploy()
c. startEdit()
d. serverRuntime()
e. validate()

37) Which of the following is NOT an available action for a WLDF monitor (instrumentation)?

a. Trap Destination
b. Stack Dump
c. Elapsed Time
d. Display Arguments
e. Thread Dump

38) Which of the following is NOT a configuration attribute for WLS SNMP agents?

a. Trap Version
b. Data Source
c. Community Prefix
d. Inform Enabled
e. Engine ID

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