Oracle WebLogic: Monitoring WebService Performance then Trigger Auto JFR and Thread Dump – Volume-II

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In this screen cast I am showing WebService Performance monitoring with CURL;


1. Deploy HelloWaitWebService application to your WebLogic domain (supports 11g and 12c)

Download and Deploy:


2. Download these files to your machine



3. Check soap-request-hwait.xml request XML file. The input field waitSecond is the time that you want to webservice respond.

HelloWait SOAP Request XML HelloWait SOAP Request XML


4. Check script or CURL command and edit according to your environment.




curl -o /Users/admineer/u01/scripts.imac/ -H "Content-Type: application/soap+xml; charset=UTF-8" \      -d@/Users/admineer/u01/scripts.imac/    \       http://localhost:7003/HelloWaitService/HelloWaitWebService1Port   \      -w "@/Users/admineer/u01/scripts.imac/" -o /dev/null


5. Transform this script or command to Generic DevOps MBean to measure WebService performance and trigger auto Java Flight Recorder (JFR) and auto Java thread dump. Watch below YouTube video tutorial for do it by yourself.



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