Oracle Java Cloud Service, Container Cloud Service and WebLogic 12c R2 Multitenancy Workshop/Training by Oracle ACE Fevzi Korkutata

Training Activity Guide Cover Page by M.Fevzi Korkutata

Up to date, introduction, fundamentals and advanced Oracle Cloud Training by Oracle ACE M.Fevzi Korkutata.

Hands-on Workshop/Training in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  You don’t want to miss this opportunity. Make your reservation and let’s increase productivity together.

You are going to touch and learn and configure below Oracle Cloud Services:

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – Compute Classic
  • Oracle Developer Cloud Service
  • Oracle Java Cloud Service (JCS)
  • Oracle Database Cloud Service (DBCS)
  • Application Container Cloud Service (ACCS)
  • Oracle Container Cloud Service (OCCS)
  • On-Premise: WebLogic Multitenancy (WLS MT)
  • CI/CD: Github, DockerHub, Wercker… etc.
Training Activity Guide Cover Page by M.Fevzi Korkutata
Training Activity Guide Cover Page by M.Fevzi Korkutata


Table of Contents

1. Introduction: Workshop Practice for Lesson-1

1.1 Oracle Public Cloud Training: Prerequisites

1.2 How to Login “My Services” Console?

1.3 Selecting a Replication Policy for Oracle Storage Cloud Service

2. DBCS (Database Cloud Service): Workshop Practice for Lesson-2

2.1 How to Create Database Cloud Service instance?

2.2 DBCS Service Console Usage

2.2.1 How to access/login DBaaS Monitor Console?

2.2.2 How to access/login DBCS APEX Console?

2.2.3 How to access/login DBCS EM Console?

3. JCS (JAVA Cloud Service): Workshop Practice for Lesson-3

3.1 How to Create JAVA Cloud Service instance?

3.2 JCS Service Console Usage

3.2.1 How to access/login JCS WebLogic and FMW EM Console?

3.2.2 How to access/login JCS SampleApp URL?

4. Oracle Cloud Compute Service: Workshop Practice for Lesson-4

4.1 Compute OPC: Oracle Cloud Compute Service Console

4.2 Let’s Login! How to SSH Login to Oracle Public Cloud (OPC) DBCS Instance?

5. DBCS and JCS Integration: Workshop Practice for Lesson-5

5.1 How to connect DBCS Pluggable DB Instance?

5.2 Preparing DBCS Instance: Create DB Schema and Import Data

5.3 Deploy JavaEE Sample Application by using JCS WebLogic Admin Console

6. Java Cloud Service Management: Workshop Practice for Lesson-6

6.1 “Access | Start | Stop | Restart | Manage” Oracle Java Cloud Service

6.2 How to setup/install APM (Application Performance Monitoring) tool on JCS?

6.3 Monitoring JCS Performance via APM tool WLSDM

7. WebLogic 12cR2 Multitenancy and JCS: Workshop Practice for Lesson-7

7.1 How to create Resource Group, Resource Library, Partition and Virtual Target on-premise?

7.2 Importing WebLogic MT Partitions to Java Cloud Service (JCS)

7.3 Configuring WLS MT Virtual Targets and Partitions on JCS

8. Create Oracle Developer Cloud Service and Application Container Cloud Service: Workshop Practice for Lesson-8

8.1 How to create Oracle Developer Cloud Service project using initial git repository?

8.2 How to deploy SpringBoot demo application to Application Container Cloud Service using Developer Cloud Services?

9. Oracle Container Cloud Service : Workshop Practice for Lesson-9

9.1 How to build SpringBoot packaged application using Wercker and deploy to Oracle Container Cloud Service?

9.2 How to use Wercker step to restart Oracle Container Cloud Service in Wercker continuous delivery workflow?

Workshop: Bookmarks and TOC
Workshop: Bookmarks and TOC


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About Trainer M.Fevzi Korkutata:

More Details available at:

M.Fevzi Korkutata: Oracle ACE, OCP, OPN Certifed Specialist
M.Fevzi Korkutata: Oracle ACE, OCP, OPN Certifed Specialist


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