What is Admineer?

admineer: (noun) the word admineer consists of “administrator” plus “engineer”. So, it means “Administrator/Administrative Engineer”.

Technology of user side is getting more simple and comfortable; but on the other hand the backend technology is getting more complicated. While operating these sophisticated computer system infrastructure, it is essential to use engineering solutions. These solutions are human being oriented and come with engineer decisions in milliseconds. So, if you are crossing the road without a high level engineer there would be more unpredictable problems in future.

Admineers are the people who build the live computer systems. If there is lack of engineering vision, always there would be non-professional environment and infrastructure.

Administrate by using engineering skills...
Administrate by using engineering skills…

In the computer science market and human resources there are lots of title: System Support Engineer, Application Support Engineer, Database Administrator, Technical Administrator, Storage Administrator, CRM Administrator… etc. There should be only four titles and these are;

  • Middleware Admineer
  • System Admineer
  • Database Admineer
  • Network Admineer

I want to be an Admineer, but how?

Firstly you have to have;

  • Engineering Degree (Computer Science, Math, Network, Software… etc.)
  • Certificate (Certificate for your operational specialties. For instance: Application Servers, DBA, Network, Operating System… etc.)

At the end you must publish an article about your specialty. If you have these qualifications; please send your article to us. We will review your application according to your qualifications and documents and going to decide to post your research article which should come with an operational solution or improvement for IT systems.