WhatsApp vs Vodafone Group

| May 30, 2016 | 1 Comment

Fevzi Korkutata

Nowadays a picture is traveling across LinkedIn newsfeed as below. Mostly I hate these kind of ranking posts and usually I click on unfollow button for the relevant posters. But this time, I want to comment about this picture on my portal as below. Firstly please check the image, then read my comment, at the end let me and other people know your thoughts? Huh?

WhatsApp vs Vodafone Group

WhatsApp vs Vodafone Group

M.Fevzi Korkutata: This is not a fair picture. Without Vodafone or other carriers, ISPs.. etc. Whatsapp is useless. They build infrastructure for WhatsApp and other applications.. So, the price 19bn is not for WhatsApp employees, it’s just for the community of WhatsApp users. The most important thing is the community size and numbers. So, the $19 Billion is just symbolic and represents its community number. If the employees of Vodafone is worthless as listed above; they should go for strike and quit for their jobs. Then I wonder, without mobile cell broadcasts or ISDN/MSISDN, What will WhatsApp employees do? :) What do you think?

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